August 29, 2019

Not taking things personally.

Something I've worked really hard at.... and it started with my grief journey.

Before losing Leyden I had no idea how personally I was taking things.

I couldn't see that none of it was personal.

After Leyden died, many people so badly wanted m...

August 8, 2019

When I began my grief journey I thought that I would never be happy again.

Then I thought I never wanted to be happy again (guilt was real).

Further along I assumed that to be happy, I had to "get over" grief.

In time I learned that not only was happiness possible, it wou...

August 4, 2019

Last night I was witnessing the life I once had, as an outsider.

Visiting with my best friends and their kids. All around Leyden's age. There were brownies, wiffle-ball, movies and meltdowns. Negotiating pajamas, bathtime, and sleeping arrangements. Little voices, curio...

July 30, 2019


I used to be afraid of it.

I could be committed to my health goals OR have a social life.

I could work hard and help people OR make a comfortable living.

I could care about others OR I could value my time and energy.

I could be a good human OR I could make mistakes...

July 6, 2019

Everyone SAYS “I don’t do gossip or drama."

But a really good sign that you ACTUALLY don’t attract gossip, drama and judgmental words?

People don’t come to you with gossip,  “can you believe’s” , “did you hears” and all the other exaggerated, toxic ways of using energy.


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October 13, 2019

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