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What better way to spend a mom's night out or kick off a bachelorette then with a high intensity flow that leaves you feeling energetic and excited? Finish off a class with either a custom package to include a social ending. Custom packages available to meet the needs, ideas and interests of your group.


"Juicing 101" offers an introduction to process, cost, shelf life, types of juicers, ingredients, what to buy organic, healing benefits and more. "Juice Mastery" dives deeper into customizing juice selections specific to personal or group goals, incorporating juice with fitness activities and into smoothies, a deeper look at ingredients and recipes for what to do with all the leftover pulp!

Juicing workshops available with the option to add "Juice Libations"  (no added sugar/ hydrating/ natural cocktails!) 



For beginners to more experienced runners, run coaching services build individualized training programs while covering gear, fuel and common challenges. Working with each client to balance lifestyle, other forms of fitness, injuries and personal goals- every program is unique to your needs.  For more experienced runners, identify ways to reach peak performance whether adjusting fuel, incorporating new speed work or evaluating a current training program.

Fostering authentic and meaningful experiences is the priority. It is my privilege and joy to work with you to take a step closer to truly thriving.  I promise you, whoever you are, no matter your story, you CAN become a brighter version of yourself. And have fun while doing it. 

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