The Pricey Tag on Juice

July 18, 2017

"Is juice worth the cost?" This is a question I get asked ALL the time! With juice bars popping up on every corner boasting a wide selection of colorful beverages (yay!)  it's hard to know what to buy and where to get the most for your hard earned cash. Juices range from $7-$10 a pop.... not the easiest cost to justify for your lunch time beverage. 


When considering cost it's important to know what you are really getting in each bottle. Which, only to make the decision more complicated, depends. Generally, there are a whole lot of fruits, veggies and herbs. Cold-Pressed juices at juice bars typically have 3-4 pounds of fruits in veggies in them! Try to get that 3-4 pounds of veggies and fruits at a Whole Foods salad bar and you're at a $30 receipt.  So nutritionally, you can get bang for your buck. But, you have to know what you are purchasing. 


Cold-Pressed juices come with a higher price tag. That is because they need to be made in advance and are only good for 3-4 days. Making cold-pressed juices is a cumbersome process but by doing so, they retain the MOST nutritional value. Centrifugal juices (the ones that they make right in front of you) tend to cost a little less. Heat is generated in the process, which results in some nutritional value lost. But- you are still getting lots of goodness in your belly... much better for you than a sugary drink, soda or coffee. 


When choosing where to spend your money, I recommend going for the ones with the most greens and herbs. Pick out options with ingredients you don't normally purchase so that your body gets some new nourishment. Be cautious of juices with too much sugar. If you are trying to maximize the value of your purchase, avoid mixes with coconut water, aloe water, charcoal water, rose water (you can purchase and make these on your own for a whole lot less). And I suggest being weary of the green juices lining grocery stores and coffee shops that have a 2 week (or more!) shelf life. There is no way they are truly natural. 


If you've dipped your toes in a few juice bars and are hooked.... consider investing in a juicer. Doing so, you can make your own for $2-$4 a bottle! Paired with a nutrition bar, you have a well rounded, filling lunch at a bargain price. When you decide to purchase a juice, don't worry about the price tag. Enjoy it. Make an informed decision that works for you, benefits your body and remind yourself that you are choosing to flood your system with lots of good stuff! Cheers! 



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