To Juice or Not To Juice?

September 16, 2017

When people ask me if juicing works and if they should do it, there is always one question I ask.... What is your goal in juicing? 


Unless you have lots of money to extraneously spend, juice (and health) is an investment. An important one. And if you have lots of money to extraneously spend, let's talk. I have extraneous ideas. But either way, before you start buying or making juice, you should know what your goal is.


Mine shifted over time. What started as a juice cleanse with the goal of losing some bloat and detoxing, transferred into using juice as a replacement for my morning coffee and natural source of energy. Since I survived my initial juice cleanse without coffee I wanted to replace my rocket fuel combo of dark roast coffee and espresso. 


This substitution cannot be taken lightly. Every day I depended on each sip to take on the day. When I found myself able to end a fourteen year addiction to the coffee bean, I realized the greens packed into my plastic bottle were powerful. Fascinated, I began researching, reading and juicing.


Now, my goal in juicing has changed. It's no longer about a cleanse. No longer about replacing coffee. It's about flooding my body with the minerals, vitamins and nourishment needed to feel and function its best. After over a year of having a green juice every single day, I now choose specific ingredients/recipes based on my needs. And from doing so, I have a much stronger mind-body connection. The results... let's just say good enough to cause me to start a business, offer juice workshops and constantly engage in ways to educate people on how to use this as a means to improving health. To be more specific, I have managed an auto-immune disease, regulated my digestion for the first time in my life, increased my energy and eliminated the need for what had been years of prescription skin care treatments. Added bonus, I decreased my weight and increased my energy. 


So what about you? Should you juice? Purchase? Make? 


Step One- Determine your goal. Maybe you want to try something new. Maybe you want to lose some weight. Maybe you are going for flavor and enjoyment. Maybe you want to brighten your eyes, improve your skin, flush your your liver or aid your digestion system. All of these are perfectly good reasons to juice AND should directly impact your choice. 


Step Two- Get curious. Once you know your goal, figure out how to achieve it. For example- tumeric is a great anti-inflammatory, dark leafy greens are going to pack in vitamins and minerals, cucumber and watermelon are going to be extra hydrating, grapefruit cleans out your liver, pineapple will help your digestion. Fruity combos tend to bring the best flavor. 


Step Three- Buy or Juice according to your goal and research. Buying is way more convenient... and way more expensive. Trial and Error is fun. I recommend setting an amount of funds you will dedicate to trying different samples and recipes until you discover what works for you. Also- many local juice bars offer samples, take advantage! Then purchase or grocery shop accordingly. 


If you are going to buy, I highly recommend choose cold-pressed juices that are made with a masticating juicer. These tend to be pricier than centrifugal juices but that is because you are getting way more nutritional value. Then again, if your goal is simply flavor or hydration- save some money and go centrifugal.


You can typically purchase centrifugal juices for $6-8 and cold pressed for around $10. You can make each for around $3 or $4. If your goal incorporates daily juices, a juicer is a wise investment. If they will be an occasional boost to your routine, between the prep time, clean up time and cost, buying probably makes the most sense. 


When I run juicing workshops, my favorite part is to offer as much education as possible to allow each participant make choices that work for THEM. We are all different. Our metabolisms are different. Our bodies are different. Yet they all need to be nourished. Do I recommend juice- YES. Do I think there is a one size fits all way to incorporate all the extra vitamins, minerals, herbs and healing properties into your system- NO. 


Bottom line:

Examine your needs, set your goal, get curious, budget your

 options and have fun spoiling your body. YOU DESERVE IT! 








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