6 Reasons Your Gut, Has Got, Your Next PR

February 4, 2019

Gut health is all the talk right now and there’s one major reason I believe that this “trend” is here to stay; it works…..  at the end of the day, we were DESIGNED to digest our food. We were literally made to create humans, we can handle eating. We just need to stop complicating things and then spending our time, money and energy trying to figure out how to uncomplicate it.


Digestion is a huge energy source; what we eat is supposed to give us energy but eating (and digesting) requires energy. Think about it like a bank account, fueling should be a deposit but for many, it acts as a withdrawal. They don’t understand why they are tired, bloated, foggy or not getting results that they are working for.


I have a weird relationship with gut-health as I lost my daughter to a sick gut, at the time not even knowing it was a “thing.” In my healing I began running, honoring a promise I made to her and finding my way on the Boston Children’s Hospital marathon running Team. After I was done resenting gut health, I became curious and began to study it, integrate it and now, teach it.


The shifts in my training and performance are undoubtedly attributed to my improved gut health. For me, it’s meant taking 18 minutes off my time, getting a BQ in Boston- without running or training more. It’s meant not having stomach aches on runs, optimizing my energy and no longer fearing food wondering “is that going to make me sick during my run tomorrow?”  


Gut health is unique and presents different for everyone, but if you’re looking to improve your performance and get the very most out of all the hours, miles and effort you dedicate to your training, start looking at your gut.



6 Reasons Your Gut, Has Got, Your Next PR:


1- Increased Energy. Remember, bank account. When you aren’t wasting money (or energy) in the wrong places, you have a lot more to give. The wrong combos, timing, or actual foods will all determine your energy levels.


2- Ditch the Gu’s and Blocks. There are much friendlier options to give you the same energy boost without that razor blade in belly feeling. When you learn how your body works, you will know exactly what to have and when to have it, without blindly hoping you’re timing fuel correctly.


3- Stop Sprinting. To the bathroom, woods or car because of an emergency. Those emergencies, they go away once you empower your body to function as it is designed to. Trust this from a former sprinter.


4- Reduces Inflammation. Inflammation impacts mobility (among many other things), so if you aren’t as mobile, you are making it harder for your body to train. On top of that, inflammation makes you more vulnerable to injuries.


5- Immunity. A healthy gut means an increased immune system. Between training, working, living and doing all the things, I am pretty sure you aren’t looking to add illness to your regime. Nor do you want to miss those training runs you worked so hard to plan out strategically.


6- Better Recoveries. When your body isn’t inflamed and you aren’t wasting energy trying to digest things that don’t work for you, you are able to send a whole lot more energy to recovering and preparing for your next workout. On top of that, when you know what foods will support muscle recovery and what combinations will offer the best support, you are positioning your body to recover most effectively.


Beyond all of these, perhaps the most impactful result of integrating gut health into your training is how empowering it is. You learn not to fear, question or doubt. You connect with your body and tune into your needs. You don’t rely on quick fads or trick to try to manipulate the system- you know how to run the system. Your system. And when you can do that with your belly, it feels even easier to do that with your body.


That PR? It’s waiting for you. You gut this.


Not sure if your gut needs some love? Some commons sings are; bloat, brain fog, digestive issues, fatigue, inflammation, acne, chronic illness/weak immune system or trouble losing weight, start getting curious about what’s happening in your body. Want to chat? Get in touch, we are here to help you MOVE.



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