No Coach? No Working With Me.

May 23, 2019

I’ll never work with someone who doesn’t have a coach.


When I invest in a coach or mentor, I have one non-negotiable: they must have a coach for themselves.




As Tony Robbins explained, one of the most powerful lessons he learned early on that changed his life was that instead of trying to master all the skills and read all the books himself, he could do exponentially more by doing what he could with his time, and investing in someone who has already mastered other areas. He says- why would I spend 20 years trying to learn something, someone already spent 20 years learning? #efficiency


For me, I know the more I invest my time in podcasts, books, TED Talks and research, the more resources (cue: energy) I have to give clients. And I want the same. In working with a coach, I want to get the MOST out of my investment. I want to reap the benefits of all that they have learned and mastered AND all that their coach has learned and mastered.


There are two other things that play into this:


1) The hesitancy to get a coach can often be driven by ego. I love that the clients I work with want to learn. And I love that when I work with a coach I want to learn. If I am going to align with someone who is helping me evolve more highly, it’s important to me ego/pride or “I know all the things already” is not in the picture.


2) If someone states they value coaching and personal development enough that they believe I should invest MY money in THEM, you better believe I want their values in alignment with their actions.


We have one life to learn. One life to grow.


Choose wisely friends.


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