PRIDE. Year Round

June 9, 2019

Yesterday was the Boston PRIDE. parade. A day that has become a massive celebration in our city - celebrating the rights of our LGTBQIA community.


I was bummed with work commitments that I missed the festivities. But I am very grateful that each weekend I have the opportunity to attend my own PRIDE parade, with people that are like family.


I discovered Arlington Street Church by accident (funny story to come) when 8 months pregnant. And I am pretty positive it was no accident. Leyden has ALWAYS led the way. And here, Leyden opened my eyes to understanding what it is like to be so truly committed to humanity- kindness, strength and love- in all the ways.


This community, who barely knew us, came to the hospital to get to know Leyden when she became sick, and when she passed, they organized a Memorial Service- A Celebration of Life- so everyone else could get to know her, too. They were there in my darkest moments, and continue to help me spread Leyden's light.


These humans held my broken heart and helped me piece it back together. From cheering for me when I shakily spoke into the microphone to recognize Leyden's first birthday to joyously eating pink funfetti cupcakes after the service to donating half of the donation plate each April to Boston Children's Hospital, in honor of Leyden- they never stop finding ways to love Leyden. And, to support me, they allow me the privilege of sharing my grief journey by giving a sermon each year, on the weekend of Leyden's Memorial Service. 



I am a minority in the community and I have learned so much from this perspective. This congregation housed the first legal gay marriage in the state of Massachusetts and continues to be a space for people of progressive faith. Tina Rose openly shares her story of realizing mid-life that she no longer identified as a male and I am convinced she was born to rock her stilettos (#goals). Name tags specify the pronouns we choose and we close each service holding hands- symbolizing that we are all souls, interconnected to a greater cause. 


My heart is so full seeing Boston unite and celebrate the heck out of standing in our truths, living authentically and rooting everyone along the way this weekend.


AND I think that it's so important that we don't limit our connection to just one of 52 weekends. Make it a lifestyle. Let's be PROUD enough to hold space for the rights of all humans on every day of the year. Let's not lose sight of the meaning of the day- the cause and the continued pursuit of social justice. It truly is work for 365 days a year.



Happy PRIDE Friends, today and ALL days.



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