Do's and Don'ts of Grief

June 14, 2019

Pain. Hurt. Anger. Sadness.


We all feel them. These are all energies associated with grief, and in truth, with life. We cannot create or destroy energy. When these energies present or manifest the best thing we can do is process them, channel them or shift the form in which they take. Too often, we try to ignore, stifle or stunt them.


There isn’t one “right” way, but here are some suggestions when handling these challenges. And as difficult as they are- they are always opportunities for learning and growth, if we are willing to open are hearts to that.



Physical Activity: Running, Hiking, Painting, Wood working, Crafting, Yardwork

Creating: Events, Fundraisers, Gifts/Memorial Objects, Workshops

Releasing: Crying, Boxing, Batting Cage, Weight Lifting, Yoga

Processing: Talking, Writing, Group Support


Don’t Try:

Numbing: Drinking, Eating, Netflix Binging, Shopping

Avoiding: Over-Busying, Isolating,

Denying: Pretending like it didn’t happen

Forcing: Making yourself “get over it” in a certain timeframe.


There is no easy way through, but there is always a way. Next week I am sharing 5 sprint episodes on grief, if I can support you or someone you love by answering questions or raising awareness, reach out and let me know. We are all in this together.




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