Gossip Magnet?

July 6, 2019

Everyone SAYS “I don’t do gossip or drama."


But a really good sign that you ACTUALLY don’t attract gossip, drama and judgmental words?


People don’t come to you with gossip,  “can you believe’s” , “did you hears” and all the other exaggerated, toxic ways of using energy.


Gossip/Drama- it gives people a sense of connecting, belonging. I get it. It used to be a way I understood as a means to feeling love and belonging. But it’s a low-vibes way of achieving a high vibes goal.


Read: It doesn’t work… long term. Sure it might feel good in the moment, but ultimately it feeds all the things we are seeking to avoid; loneliness, isolation, disconnection.


As a society, we live in fear of being out of the know, of being the one spoken about. I used to become frustrated or take it personally when people would gossip, but in truth, now I just see it as limited capacity, weakness or an unhealthy way of trying to fill a need for connection and acceptance.


And, it's also possible to change, and receive life0changing results from doing so. Rather than operating out of that fear and pointing fingers, spreading shame or negativity, can we start putting energy towards having meaningful conversations? With authenticity, sincerity and curiosity?


A few of my favorite authors have completely different content and niches but they share their common decision to cut out the news and most of the media- because it feeds an obsession and addiction with gossip or drama. And they credit that with a transformative shift in their lives. 


I’m not saying to go live in a cave singing kumbaya, I am just suggesting we all take a minute to do a little gut check.


Are we a place where people bring gossip, drama and negativity? And if we are, are we willing to not be a place that attracts that energy? 


If we are, not only will we feel a heck of a lot more clear and confident, this world is going to be even that much nicer of a place.


The words you use, the energy you create and surround yourself is going to have an impact. It will either fill you up and move you forward, or deplete you and keep you stuck. This may seem overwhelming but truly, let it be empowering. It means you are in full control of your path- and it's not necessarily making massive change but rather those tiny little decisions around conversations you have, things you listen to and words you choose- it's THOSE that can change your life.


You gut this- always.



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