Why You Need "AND" not "OR" in your life.

July 30, 2019



I used to be afraid of it.


I could be committed to my health goals OR have a social life.

I could work hard and help people OR make a comfortable living.

I could care about others OR I could value my time and energy.

I could be a good human OR I could make mistakes.

I could be bereaved OR I could be happy.

Happy OR heartbroken.

Angry or Grateful.



I don’t believe in failures. Every said failure has been feedback- as to where I’m aligned, where energy is flowing, where it’s not and how I can learn and grow.


I just want to remind you that the magic lies in the gray. It doesn't make it easy. I spent a lot of time fighting these things- es


And in my own experience, some of the best, most compassionate, resilient, inspiring humans, are the ones whose lives are far from “perfect” . So maybe we can all learn to embrace the idea of balance and insert the word AND.


Healthy AND social.

Serving others AND receiving energy back for what you give.

Caring AND setting boundaries and expectations.

Making mistakes AND being a really good human.

Bereaved AND happy.

Happy AND heartbroken.

Angry AND grateful. 



I encourage you to take on the "AND CHALLENGE" - where in your life can you replace the word "OR" with "AND"? 


Whether it's in your workouts, your work... your parenting, your food choices or your feelings.... t


ry to find at least 3 places a day and watch your life change!



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