Learning To Face Fear

October 13, 2019

Leyden was my teacher.
Fear was the lesson.

I so clearly remember saying to a professional development coach, on a coaching call that I didn’t want to "do" grief. I was afraid to talk about it. Never mind coach others through it.

Fast forward a year and I launched a podcast on grief, hosted a free Holiday Healing group and I since then, receive messages and connect with bereaved moms daily.

So much for "not doing" grief.

The truth? I was afraid.
Afraid of touching my pain.
Afraid of doing it incorrectly.
Afraid of my own truth being real.
Afraid of not doing Leyden justice.

It wasn't that I didn't want to help others through grief.
It was that I was afraid of what it would feel and look like.
But.... the only way out, was through.

And I remembered the very first time I TRULY felt fear.
With Leyden.

The lessons I learned from grief; capacity, direct communication,
boundaries, teammates, not taking things personally, identifying
needs, triggers and having plans a,b,c, and d... are all lessons that apply to life.

Grief is an intense manifestation of the day-to-day challenges we all face.
And it turns out, despite all my fear, the best way I can serve others, is to channel all the strategies surrounding those lessons to to help others.
Not just in grief, but in life.

Sure, the fear and pain still pops up.
Being fearless is BS.
Facing it is transformative.

What makes the fear worth it for me?
Knowing Ley gets to keep shining with each life I impact.

What makes it possible?
Trusting that if I can smile after losing her, there's really nothing ahead on this journey of mine that I can't handle.

My hope for you is that I can show you this SAME TRUTH lies inside of all of YOU , too.

Follow your fears. 

One step at a time.
It might be the very place you make the most impact in this world.

Grateful to share the brightest light and bravest soul with all of you. Shine on Ley, Shine on.




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